Clash of clans private server

Clash of clans private server:

What is a clash of clans private server.

Clash of Clans is a fermium portable system computer game. Clash of Clans was discharged to positive surveys, collecting high appraisals from numerous commentators, although Clash of Clans is allowed to download and play extra in-amusement cash can be bought for genuine cash from the Apple App Store/Google Play Store as In-App Purchases. Nonetheless, all highlights of the diversion are available to players who pick not to make In-App Purchases.

A private server is a server not facilitated by supercell. It gives you boundless assets with custom saints and mods. You can just assault different players on the server and it has no interfacing with the genuine servers. It doesn't exchange anything just permits a touch of fun.You can get boundless assets and diamonds on some private servers.

Is private server legitimate?

As for if they are legitimate, it depends on your definition, they exist, but are most likely not legal. but Supercell's TOS appear to disallow this, particularly in segment 1.1.Who doesn't require unlimited Gems, Gold and Elixir in Clash of Clans? Well you get them right in private servers.but its better to run with established technique.

Clash of Clans Private Server Pros & Cons:


  • Infinite Gold, Elixir, Dark Stone and Elixir.
  • It's feasible for you to make or join families just like in the server that is official.
  • TH11 could be maxed to by you inside at some point!
  • The servers that are private are continually refreshed to match utilizing the primary server.
  • You can well disposed clash with your mates that have been in the very same family.
  • You just need to prepare the majority of your troops in just a flick of seconds.


  •  you have nothing to get, and it's just a delight that is here and now.
  •  The servers that are modded may do between time incidentally, as a result of parcel of clients.
  •  Your degree, the unusual bug continues resetting in servers that are private.

Best private servers for COC:


FHx is one of the best CoC Private servers and works 100% FHx CoC private server is flawless and can be played on any kind of Android or iOS device without any root.

2:Clash of Lights:

Yet another amazing CoC Private Server, Clash of Lights is what you need for playing the smart way.

3:clash of magic:

Another awesome Clash of Clans Private server is Clash of Magic. Clash of Magic operates in the same way the other CoC Private Servers work but with some more great features.


Clash of Magic S1


Clash of Magic S2



Download Clash of Magic Server 2

Clash of Magic S3


Download Clash of Magic Server 3

Clash of Magic S4

4:clash of souls:

Clash of souls is custom server for Clash of Clans and an amazing one too. Similar to Clash of Lights, Clash of Souls is emulated by C#. You can play online wars, enjoy the originality of Clash of Clans and all this with unlimited resources, mods and Add-ons.

Clash of Souls Server 1


Download Clash of Souls Server 1

Clash of Souls Server 2


Download Clash of Souls Server 2


Clash of Souls Server 3

Download Clash of Magic Server 4