Clash-A-Rama! – ‘Twas The Night Before Clashmas (Clash of Clans)

Clash-A-Rama! - 'Twas The Night Before Clashmas (Clash of Clans)

In a world of Goblins, Barbarians and Wizards with unexpected hair, the Town Hall was always a place of peace
and stars for the opposition.

Until one update changed everything.

Introducing the Town Hall that fights back!

And just when you thought it was safely destroyed,

it really leaves its mark.

Get ready for Town Hall !

I've been expecting you... Blue boy.

No, not today. Not on Clashmas!

You're right. Today, we lay down our weapons.

And then pick them up again!

To chop down a Clashmas tree for our Arena!

Yes! Who amongst you will find the perfect tree

to stand over the presents we will exchange?

Get over here!

That thing!

Why can't we just get a fake tree? They make really good ones now.

Get ready to attack!

A battle on Clashmas Eve?

It's a holiday! Edgar, either you talk to the Barbarian King, or I will.

Irma, I told you very clearly I'm intimidated by him.

I hate to wake him.

Let him sleep. We are only battling a level Town Hall.

- A breeze! - I guess you are right.

By the time we get back, he'll still be asleep.

Sleep tight, son.

Uh-oh, I flamed the bed again!

Mom? Dad?

Where is everybody?

There must be a meeting in the Town Hall or something.

Maybe I should just sit here quietly and wait.

All alone... Unsupervised...

Oh, gingerbread!

Holy days, we are being attacked!

Nobody three-stars my village on Clashmas Eve!

Maybe it's a pillow mine!

You said this village was abandoned!

I say a lot of things! Let's get out of here!

We won! That was a lot of work for one gold coin.

See? I told you he'd still be asleep. He doesn't even know we left.

Hammer sold separately.

So many great Clashmas trees!

It's going to be so hard to choose.

Not for me. I'm great at choosing things.

Forget all those twigs!

I've got the best tree right here.

It's a fine tree, but I worry it's a little much.

Agreed! It's like a normal tree trying too hard.

We're going to go with this one.

Warriors, decorate!

I can't believe this.

That tree is small. It's got bald spots. It's... it's so much worse!

Oh... Oops!

My Rage Spell!

Uh-oh! The tree! It's turned into... the Log.

Hey, we're out of hazelnut coffee.

How can we be out already?

Pretty easy. Drank some, spilled some.

You're wearing my new robe? I need that for tonight.

All right...

Oh, for the love of...

That feels weird. So, you're going to ask her tonight?

Indeed! What more memorable Clashmas gift than a wedding proposal?

Hey, the grocery store is on the way.

Could you pick up some coffee? We're out of toilet paper, too.

I'm not bringing toilet paper to the dinner

where I ask Melanie to marry me!

Okay. Get it on the way home.

It'll be your first purchase as an engaged couple.

Let me see the ring!

No, don't move! You stay there.

Oh, right! It still feels weird.

I've booked dinner on a boat,

and arranged for the ring to be hidden in her soup.

Relax! She's going to say "yes" for sure.

But if she says "no"...

Don't forget my hazelnut coffee and the TP!

Jaakko's taking me for Clashmas dinner on the boat tonight.

He arranged it special. Ah, it's...

going to be even harder to break up with him.

I hate hurting people.

I don't mean to say I told you so,

but normal elixir and dark elixir couples almost never work out.

Great. So, I can only date Bowlers and Golems!

I'm just so tired of Jaakko Wizard-splaining everything to me.

I'm a real person!

That'd have been a horrible mistake.

Just like you and Jaakko, right?

Welcome, my dearest Melanie

to the most unforgettable Clashmas of your life.

Our lives.

Happy holidays! A little bubbly to start the evening?

Tonight, we're offering a lovely mushroom soup

and the slow-cooked goose carved right at your table.

Just the goose, please. I'll skip the soup.

No! You have to try the soup.


Try the soup, my pet.

Are you okay?

I'm fine! Just so excited to ring in the holidays!

Not yet!

Jaakko, I think we need to talk about our future.

That's exactly what I want to talk about over this delicious soup!

You'll not only find something on the bottom of the bowl,

but also from the bottom of my heart.

Ho ho ho!


We're under attack!

Santa can't swim!

You know what? We make a pretty good team.

That's exactly what I was thinking!

Will you marry me?

I'm going to say maybe... Yes!

She said "maybe"! Maybe!

Actually, now it's "no".

The Log! Run!

What do we do?
There's only one thing we can do!
We did it. We staved off destruction.
Unfortunately, the presents didn't fare as well.
Who cares?
Those presents all stunk anyway.
I turned that killer tree into something useful.
The third bridge. That will let us fight each other so much faster.
It's beautiful.
I can't wait to send an attack across this bridge crushing you.
Thank you, Lumberjack. Thank you.
Your selfless act is what the holidays are all about.
Can we use it? Can we? Please!
Go ahead everyone! And Merry Clashmas!

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Are you kidding me, BananaPants?
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How about after?

No, it's going to be an all-day thing.

Can somebody fill in?

Do it for the bunions?

My grandfather had bunions. They are serious business.

I've got your back, BananaPants.

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- For the bunions! - For the bunions!

For the bunions!

For the bunions!

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Clash of Clans - 2018 Year in Review

(Intro Music)

You've Had A Big Year Chief

You've Been Part Of Something...


Clash of Clans Year In Review

Million Daily Battles!

Billion Pairs Of Barbarians Sandals


Trillion Archers' Arrows

. Billion Smashed Town Halls

We've Had Some Big Updates!

New Characters

(Battle Machine)

(Ice Wizards)

(Night Witches)

(Sneaky Archers)

(Pumpkin Barbarians)

More Buildings

(Air Bombs, Roaster, Gem Mine and Crusher)

More Ways To Play!

Head To Head

Clan Games

We've Clashed Around The World

(Gold and Stone P.E.K.K.A Statues)

(Champions War League Season )

(Versus Battles)

Inspiring Championship Leagues

And Battle Hungry Clans

(Heart Emoji) COC

We Heard Your Voices

(Nearly Million Comments)

(Shows Comments)

We Shared Our Thoughts

Darian Vorlick and PowerBang. Clash Talk Q&A-; Episode .

And Loved Your Awesome Art

(Shows Artwork)

This Year Clash Turned !

(Shows th Clashiversary Cake)

And Sent The Builder on Tour

(Builder leaves using Springtrap)

(Shows Images of where the Builder went)

Before A Triumphant Return

(Builder Arrives at Village using Baby Dragon)

(Troops Cheer on the Builder)

Let's Make Even Clashier!

Thanks, Chief!

(Clash Of Clans Logo)