Download PC Game Shark Attack Free

Download PC Game Shark Attack Free

Let's join the brave young Scuba driver on his precious used to save his family here in the deep sea adventure. download shark attack full game at An amazing and wonderful graphic Craft game comes to life as scanner who is   brave man wanted to set up his journey under the water.

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An amazing and well crafted game came to save the life of Kenny the guy who is very brave and  came to save the life of Kenny the guy who is very brave and Sets out on an underwater  journey to search for his family.  the resort good luck to his grandfather's destiny and Chrome with the Crystal of destiny until it was stolen by the pirates and broken into pieces. Now these pieces are spread into different parts of the world.  in this game your mission is to find these pieces from the world and restore to save kenny's family.  when this game was launched player will immerse themselves into a beautiful Underwater World with an exotic question corals, flora, and destroy the ancient city in the background.

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This beautiful vibrant cartoons like visual will show you all the way through great 60 levels of 3 different words.  during the journey you have to collect different gold diamond and silver coins to fill up the game beauty and lavels with your brainstorming techniques.

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while playing this game you will that an opportunity to watch the beautiful world with high quality graphics and best User experience.   so download this game on your PC tablets and play it with your friends and family to solve the beautiful and difficult puzzles by using your brain and intelligence.



  • Game Size: 11 Mb
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10



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