Learn Logic Pro X in a Day Beginners Complete Course

Learn Logic Pro X in a Day Best Beginners Udemy Course


Have you ever wanted to learn Logic Pro X quickly without going over ALL of the unnecessary things that you don’t really need to know? Did you know that Logic Pro X is a HUGE program with a lot of capabilities? This course is for you who wants to create, record and arrange music. That is why I want to skip the parts where Logic is good for making Surround music or creating videos. I think that there are several different programs for those tasks and that is why I focus on music production with Logic Pro X in this course.

Who is the target audience?
Anyone who WANT to learn Logic Pro X DAW.
Anyone who WANT to produce music with Logic Pro X.
Anyone who WANT to learn how to record music.
Anyone who WANT to know how to not get stuck and overcome Writers Block.
Anyone who WANT to mix & master your own music at home.
Anyone who WANT to create music and sound wherever you are.
Anyone who WANT to master Logic Pro X in a quick time.
Anyone who WANT to learn the small things about Logic even if you already are an experienced user.
Anyone who WANT to switch to Logic Pro X from another DAW.
Anyone who DON’T WANT to use Logic as your DAW.
Anyone who DON’T use macOS or Logic, Pro X, at all.

You should have a MAC Computer or a Computer with MacOS.
You will need to have access to an Internet Connection to watch these videos.
You don’t need to own Logic Pro X to watch this course. We will go over how to get Logic Pro X installed on your system


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