Download PC Game Throne: Kingdom at War Free

 PC Game Throne: Kingdom at War Free

Play Throne Kingdom of War PC game with multiplayer strategy online fight and control the ancient world fight game  with great Lord's  Empire.

A lot of people are participating in the role of armour but few of them are getting  the Chrome for super their brave West activities. you have to leave the kingdom prosperity and you shall have to become not the best skills veriya in the better but also as best as intelligent leader of the army which is faithful against Enemies and wanted to fight for a long time. you have to assemble them within few minutes and order them to fight against the enemies make sure everyone love you so spread your card this is your soldiers and followers.

using your intelligence you have to destroy the Enemies in deployment around the temple and  push them back, back to their home country.  during the wombats your children and old men are same and none of those  civilian will be killed. Once the war started you have to follow the loss order and follow the rules which are set by the kingdom and coverage your soldier to the NVS Battleground.

You have to protect the picture of kingdom and lord and save the Crown as a soldier as a super commander of the  Army.  the game is high definition with perfect graphics and beautiful  natural scenes.  easy to play and well managed storyline to improve the intelligence.


Game Features:

use of heavy weapons, to protect yourself

fight against the Enemies with intelligence



  • Game Size: 1 Mb
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10


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