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Its emphasis on grotesque representations of the human form with a slightly alien twist aren't only worthy of the Giger style, but exhibit a particular grotesque genius that does not appear to be beholden to some previously established work.

What that minimalistic teaser does not inform you, however, is that Scorn is a lot more than a disturbing work of art. According to the tiny group of programmers over in the studio Ebb Software, Scorn is really a first-person adventure title that's apparently seeking to trend closer to some first-person shooter, but with a few twists on the genre's most dated concepts.

Especially, Scorn is considering doing away with the notion of enemies which are automatically hostile to you (like what we saw with the Big Daddies in Bioshock) and the popular idea of in-game cutscenes. Instead, Scorn's narrative is meant to be hauled through the game's environment. The game's website even indicates that you are in danger of missing potentially crucial bits of this story if you're unwilling to explore every inch of the horrific world. That is a feat made all the harder by Scorn's supposed lack of a conventional HUD.

Mostly, however, the game is designed to get under your skin and creep you out. Scorn might not be a conventional horror game, but its emphasis on air has the potential to disturb players over any game wielding that label.

Scorn Release Date

Scorn is set to be released for the PC in 2 parts, with the first part, Dasien, set to debut in March 2019. There's absolutely no confirmation concerning the release of console versions of the game at this moment.

Scorn Trailer

Alongside the launch of the Kickstarter effort for the game, programmer Ebb Software has released a new trailer for Scorn.

This latest trailer for the game highlights the"meaty' H.R. Giger inspired design that originally assisted Scorn capture the attention of gamers everywhere. This time, however, we have a better look at the way the game's natural weapons will affect the battle.

Each time a game invokes the name of H.R. Giger as a creative inspiration, they always place themselves on fairly shaky ground considering that Giger's legendary surrealist paintings and visual effects work remain a number of the most surefire sources of nightmare gas in existence. To put it differently, it's a difficult comparison to live around.

As you may initially scoff at the concept of this upcoming Steam Greenlight game Scorn with the hallowed name of Giger, its recently released teaser trailer indicates that Scorn may indeed be a bit of work worthy of the famed creator himself.